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Ulster Counties Leagues & Competitions.

Summer Leagues

Round 6 Results are out see your adult for a copy.


Congratulations to RSA CCF for 1 of their cadets taking 5th in the Ulster Counties (East) top ten competition.




Forth Coming Events

  • Ulster Counties (East) Winter League
  • ACF Cadet Hundred competion.
  • Winter League entry forms are out and need to be returned by 23 Aug.

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Junior International at Bisley 2014

Congratulations to the 2 cadets for taking Gold and Silver in the 50m Ladies Grand Prix.



Round 2 Results are in.

Congratulations to both cadets on making the Class D final in August at Bisley.


Whister Trophy

The Cadet Inter-Service Match

All cards have been shot and posted to the scorer, awaiting the results